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Best Remit Nepal is already a known player in the remittance industry of Nepal, a multi-faceted conglomerate promoted by a team of Non-Residential Nepalese (NRN's), residing in various communities across the globe. Our endeavor is to provide quick and easy remittance service that is reliable and accessible to both,the Diasporas and their families back home. Equipped with state of the art technology, Best Remit offers a secure and trusted means of transferring money effectively and efficiently. The company is incorporated under the Nepalese Companies Act and has been given the required authorization by the Central Bank of Nepal   ...

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International Money Transfer

Best Remit Nepal offers instant transfer of funds to Nepal from Prime location around the world. Our online system is connected to a worldwide network of agents offering....
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Direct Deposit to a Bank or Financial

Best Remit Nepal can offer direct deposit of funds to a remitters bank account in Nepal from the courtiers with our presence . To achieve this we have....
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